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What Is The Kaizen Crew?

The Kaizen Fitness Crew is a monthly subscription that will give you access to workout programs, nutrition advice, educational information, recipe ideas, zoom session interactions and discussions around fitness within a closely knit Facebook Community led by Ambar & Sarah.

Our Aim

We are set out to build a community of like minded individuals who encourage and motivate one another on their fitness journey, whatever the goal maybe!

Who Is It For?

This is suitable for all fitness levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes. You don’t need any equipment either since we will have variations for anyone and everyone – we have a way around every excuse that you throw at us!

Meet The Coaches

Ambar Sood

I am a 2x World Champion Competitive Eater and a black belt in chugging coffee! Now that I have your attention, I am also a Strength & Conditioning Coach that believes in a wholesome approach to fitness.

With Kaizen Fitness we will help you understand that fat loss and muscle gain is only the byproduct of our hard work that we put in everyday! With this comes the emphasis on – proper recover, mobility, flexibility, nutrition and overall quality of life!

Sarah Patil

I’m a sucker for food and love trying to make different meals to make my day better!

I’m a strong believer of deep health and ensure that working with clients is not only about physical fitness but also nourishment and mental health. Being a certified nutrition and training coach, I believe that the one way to tackle deep health is by movement and fuel and that’s what we’re here for.

Introduction From The Coaches

What We Offer

Facebook Community

A community of like minded people to support you through your journey. You get to learn from each other, share experiences and hold yourself accountable 

Training Programs

Detailed exercise videos, home workout programs and follow along workouts for all fitness levels to help you stay consistent with your workouts no matter what the situation is

Interactive Zoom Sessions

Group workouts and interactive QnA sessions on specified date to keep you motivate and clarify any doubts you might have about nutrition and training


Detailed ebooks to help you improve your knowledge and understanding around nutrition and training related concepts and help you execute the same to hit your specific fitness goals

Nutrition Guidance

Ebooks, videos and recipe ideas to help you with the fundamental concepts around nutrition so you have the tools to understand how to make nutrition work for you

WhatsApp Community

Along with the Facebook community, you get access to a WhatsApp group where you will get constant updates and interact with other members of the community

Support & Accountability

The Kaizen Fitness Community will give you the extra push to hold yourself accountable, improve everyday and get shit done!

Recipe Ideas

Short and simple recipe videos to help you cook up macro and budget friendly meals with ingredients that are easily available to you!

Super Affordable Monthly Subscription

Our aim with Kaizen is to provide you ALL the knowledge that we have without having to pay for PT charges which are 10x the price of our membership!

Our Products

The Kaizen Blog

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