Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Ambar drinking water

We’ve always been told by our elders that you should be drinking enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated. They have always been right about a lot of things related to our health but the importance of drinking enough water hasn’t been emphasised as much as it should be.

Water for your body is like oil for an engine. If there isn’t enough oil, the car does not run smoothly. We also tend to lose fluids from our body in the form of sweat, faces, urine and vapour exhaled out of our lungs. Throughout the day (depending on the weather & our activity level) we lose at least 0.7-1.5L of fluids from our body.

Here’s a breakdown of what happens when you drink a certain amount of water for you to better understand its importance:

If you drink 0-1.5 L of water- You’re extremely dehydrated. Your pee is a dark yellow colour, you’re tired all the time. Your skin feels dry and pigmented. Your muscular contractions are weak. Your joints do not receive enough fluid for smooth functioning.

If you drink 1.5-3.5 L of water- You’re a little hydrated. If its summer, you’re under hydrated. Your body is receiving enough fluid to release toxins from your body. Your joints feel better. Your immunity is better. Your body has enough fluids to keep you cool and your organs functioning.

If you drink 4 L or more-  You’re very well hydrated. Absorption of Vitamin C and many other water soluble nutrients is better. You have better moisturised skin. Your body can function a lot better. Muscle contractions and suctions of the cells are better. Recovery after workouts get optimal.

Every individual should be consuming a minimum of 3.5 L of water. If its summer, if you are someone who works out a lot, sweats a lot or drinks a lot of coffee/tea – a minimum of 4 L of water is a must.

Stay Hydrated. Stay Safe!

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