Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

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We all know that less sleep can hinder our daily mental functioning. We feel drained and even if we try, or we think we are. We can’t seem to concentrate on work, studies, exams etc.

But there’s a lot of functions in our body that take place when we are sleeping. Repair, recovery and certain daily functions in the body are done when you get enough sleep.

Now, imagine that you’re trying to finish that presentation for work or you’ve got homework to submit tomorrow and suddenly your laptop goes off, or the lights go out. You cannot complete what you set out to do. Just like that, if you disrupt your sleep, your body won’t recover well and you won’t be efficient the following day.

Matthew Walker (sleep specialist) says that If you think an afternoon nap can cover up for the lack of sleep last night, you’re wrong. Lost sleep for a night cannot be recovered.

What happens when you don’t sleep enough?

  • Your body doesn’t recover, so if you workout you always end up feeling sore for more than 2 days.
  • Your immunity drops.
  • There is a drop in sex drive.
  • Lack of sleep causes stress to your body, increases cortisol levels and induces weight gain.
  • Your sleeping pattern directly affects your eating pattern, you’re more likely to binge when you don’t sleep enough or at consistent hours
  • Chronic sleep deprivation can also cause blood pressure problems and heart diseases.

How long should I sleep for?

Every individual has their own threshold of sleep. Some function at their best with 6-7 hours of sleep but some at 8-10 hours. Anything less than that, will be a risk in the long term! Anyone saying that 4 hours is enough and you need to keep hustling, it’ll sooner or later catch up to them and you don’t want that to happen to make you realise the importance of sleep and recovery.

An Individual should ideally sleep for somewhere between 6-8 hours every night in order to function optimally. It’s easier said than done, so if you want to get you habits in place and be accountable to a supportive community and experience set of coaches, sign up with The Kaizen Crew today and smash your fitness goals!

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