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Hey guys, we have finally launched the Kaizen membership website and we’re super excited to show you what’s inside!

The concept of a membership website (specially about fitness) is relatively new so we decided to make a run through of all the features and services that will be available to all our members and the general public!

Before we dive into the details, we want to tell you the aim of having this website and why we made it in the first place. When we started off our fitness journey, we did not have the information we needed and because of that we have made more mistakes along the way than we would have liked.

No regrets, but this takes up a lot of valuable time (months or even years) of doing the wrong things, unlearning them and then correcting all of it. Majority of the people are overwhelmed with the vast amount of information on the internet and not knowing what works and what doesn’t and eventually they give up and dread getting back to their fitness journey!

Apart from the topics we have covered in the video, there are a lot of questions we’ve been asked since the launch. Let’s cover some of them for you:

Why should we join the membership if there is so much free information on the internet already?

The answer is in the question, there is too much information and you never know what is true and what isn’t. Before you come to that conclusion, you need to do A LOT of research which a lot of us don’t have time for since fitness is not everyone’s number 1 priority and we understand that.

All the research is done by us and we provide information that we have a solid explanation for and experience about. We want this website to be the one place that you can access for any problem you have in your fitness journey. Another thing the internet does not provide is a supportive community that you can learn from and connect with along with two very passionate coaches who are going to be there to answer any questions you might have along the way!

Will you give personal training with the Kaizen Membership?

The membership (just to remind you) is Rs. 1200 per month. Personal training with us or any other coach out there will cost (at the least) 10x more than this! The membership itself does not include PT but we have a separate page (PT with Kaizen) to share all the details with you incase personal attention and personalisation is something you need. The membership will include app workouts, programs and nutritional advice to guide you in the right direction and cut out most of the bullshit without it being personalised to your lifestyle. Personalisation always comes at a cost!

I am a beginner, can I still take the Kaizen Membership?

This membership is for all fitness levels! Beginners will probably learn the most out of this since that is when you need answers to a lot of questions and that is something we have covered in a lot of detail. And for a beginner, having access to coaches and a supportive community is the best possible scenario since you can address and share any issue that you might face in your fitness journey!

What all features/services are included in the Kaizen Membership?

With the Kaizen Membership, you get:

  • Access to nutrition ebooks
  • Access to training programs (Home + Gym based workout routines)
  • Access to Recipe ideas and cook books
  • Access to follow along workouts
  • Access to the Kaizen Fitness Crew training app (scheduled workouts with our community)
  • Access to our Private FaceBook Community
  • Access to our WhatsApp group
  • Access to our weekly interactive Zoom sessions

We will also keep updating the website on a weekly basis so surely this is only going to get better!

Do we get a diet plan with the Kaizen Membership?

As mentioned above, you get access to a lot of things. The responsibility to make use of it and consume the content available is on you! If you spend enough time on the website, FB group and interact with the coaches and community – you will be able to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. From there, you will be able to make your nutrition plan on your own and the coaches are always there to see if you are doing things correctly along the way!

If you like what we have to offer, you can sign up right away and get access to all of this!

You can always reach out to us on social media or email us at thekaizenfitness@gmail.com and we will be more than happy to help you out – looking forward to seeing you as part of the Kaizen Crew!

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