Kaizen Shred 2.0


This is a unique online coaching experience where you will be working towards your fitness goals with a community filled with other highly motivated individuals and experienced coaches to help you along the way!


4 Weeks of intense workouts, community interaction, nutrition guidance, motivation and an ideal environment to thrive to be the best version of yourself!


Kaizen Shred 2.0 details:

  • Duration: 4 Weeks
  • Sessions: 1 hour session; 3x per week (12x per month)
  • Timings: 7PM Mon/Wed/Fri (Recordings available)


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A 4 week virtual group training program designed to help you get stronger, move faster and improve your cardiovascular health, while focusing on flexibility/mobility to keep you injury free!

Here’s what you get:

4 weeks of super fun but intense LIVE zoom training sessions programmed to make you build strength, endurance & speed

– Nutrition guidance to not only recover for workouts but to build a healthy relationship with food!

– Focus on mobility & flexibility to help you stay injury free and perform movements to the best of your ability!

– Free membership to The Kaizen Community where you can share your journey with like minded people and a strong community support!

 Free access to all our E-books (nutrition + Training) to help you learn more about fitness through this 4 week period!

 Customised workouts for all fitness levels and exercise alternatives that are available to you – bodyweight, BB, DBs, KBs, Pull Up Bar etc.


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